About Us
  From the dates of its creation 1997 to the present time, igitrading evolutioned focusing in the import and manufactures products always oriented to the necessities and requirements of its customers and according to the specified characteristics of its businesses.

The experience developed during its existence is our endorsement to offer products with the highest innovation and quality in the market.
With more than 8 years of presence in the market.
  To elaborate, to commercialize and to distribute products of the highest quality and innovation that satisfy the necessities with our customers and consumers, developing upper the value of our brands, committing itself in being a productive, human and innovator company, with the long term vision of being an international leader.  
  To be productive. To reach the established levels of yield.

Optimization of our brands. To obtain an increasing volume and participation of our brands.

To establish a warm and constant approach with our consumers and customers because they are our reason of being.

• To look for that our personnel is developed and made totally (to live our philosophy). Permanently oriented to learn.

• To obtain an administrative operation in a good ambient of control, planning, participation, responsibility and compromising.
  Our commitments  
  • Collaborators. To guarantee the respect to its dignity, to its individuality and to facilitate an atmosphere for its well-being and development. Shareholders. To generate a yield reasonable of constant form.

• Suppliers. To maintain and to develop warm relations for the mutual growth

• Customers. To offer an excellent service of permanent form to be part of its growth and development giving a maintained value of our brands.

• Competitors. To compete in the new globalization market with loyal practices of commerce.

• Consumers. To guarantee quality and variety of our products, by means of the continuous improvement of such.

• Society To promote the fortification of the universal ethical values. To support the economic and social growth of the communities in where we are.
  Operational Strategy  
  Our operative strategy is oriented to generate a great flexibility and autonomy to all our areas of the company so the organization can adapt to the varied necessities of our customers, without losing of view the mechanisms controls necessary to be able to offer an excellent internal and external service.  
  Our Brands  
  • Baumer Foods: Crystal

• Life Flo: Sayge Biosciences

• NatureNutrition

• Applied Nutrition for Chlidren

• G Source
  Our Clients  
  Contact Us  
  USA: (832) 631 6015

Mexico: (55) 5240 3845
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